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Get Browsix !

Want to show those crazy pictures of last night's party?

But... Did you forget a USB cable? Tired of configuring Bluetooth? Got a headache of that tiny screen?

Install Browsix and your phone will show up at the top of this page. Show all the amazing stuff on your Android phone, in a regular browser!

Want to see a live demo of Browsix? Check out the top links on this page.

Extra features of the full version include: fullscreen photos and videos, ad-free browsing, extra file manager features and much more to come...

Get started

1. Install Browsix from the Android market.

2. Connect your phone to the internet using WiFi (3G won't work).

3. Enable the Browsix service.

4. Point a browser on any computer (in your local WiFi network) to http://www.browsix.com.

5. Click on your phone's link at the top of this page.


Contact Manager: Manage your contacts.

New Layout: Nice improved layout with pictures of your contacts

Tasker/Locale plugin support

SMS feature: Send and receive text messages in your browser.

Secure access: Option to secure your Browsix access.

Unlimited upload size

What about security...

Quotes from our users

Absolutely adore this app, it's lightweight, slick and works well. The dev is very keen to make it the best
Mr. R. (February 8, 2011)

Probably the most handiest app to have for your android
GregC. (February 8, 2011)

This is bloody fantastic!
Tim S. (December 30, 2010)

Awesome tool! No more screwing around with cables or card readers. Thanks!!
Joshua R. (December 22, 2010)

Browsix is still in an early development phase. Please be patient and check regularly for updates!